Unfortunately, in our industry of home remodeling, specifically window replacement and siding, there is a lot of bogus marketing ploys. Many years ago when I worked for some of the larger companies in the industry they had a variety of hard one-call closes that they taught and expected their salesmen to use to enhance their closing ratios. A lot of these strategies are still in place today and used in a majority of these companies.

Many companies want the homeowner to make a decision while they are in the home so they come up with different offers or promotions to sweeten the deal. Be cautious of the marketing ploy of “We have marketing dollars to spend on your home,” in the form of yard signs, referrals, etc. Avoid at all cost the saying “This price is good for today only, or this-month only.” If they really want your business, and if they have nothing to hide, they will allow you to check around. This is the biggest reason for this type of close; they do not want you to get other estimates, usually because they are very expensive.

Avoid companies that require both decision-makers be there at the same time. This is because they want to close the sale without the objection of “Let me speak with my partner.” Every customer deserves the time to check with their partner before making a decision on a major purchase.

Be aware of the “sales” companies have. They are concocted to create a sense of urgency. Some of the more common ones are: buy 3 windows and get one free, or ‘free’ installation with the purchase of 8 or more windows, etc. All these companies are doing is jacking up the original price to cover the so-called sale. No good installer works for free nor are windows free from manufacturers. Again, it’s a way to make you feel like you are getting a deal.

I was taught many of these one-time closes throughout my career and that is the biggest reason why I started my own business 12 years ago. I was tired of the games I was required to play every time I walked into the home of a perspective client. I’ve made the decision to approach and treat each customer the way I would want to be treated. That is, with absolutely no pressure, with complete honesty, and giving my clients the time they need to make an important decision. I have nothing to hide and I explain my pricing in detail. I carry all the major brands so I can objectively address individual situations and help my customers make an informed decision on what window would work best for their home.

No pressure, no phony “sales”, honesty, and a great variety of windows and siding are what set us apart from the high-pressure expensive companies in our industry. Let me show you what you truly should pay for an exceptional window-system and not fall prey to these types of unethical tactics.

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