Benefits of James Hardie Siding

How Do Other Siding Options Measure Up Against James Hardie Siding?

We encourage you to consider the benefits and value of James Hardie siding as compared to other available products. We believe you’ll agree that James Hardie siding is the premier option!

Highly Durable

James Hardie siding’s beauty is unmatched, and it’s engineered to withstand the demands of any climate. The siding stays beautiful for longer than other products, which decreases the money and time you’ll have to spend on maintenance. Over time, James Hardie products resist contraction and expansion from heat and cold, and they keep their finish adhesion over the long haul. And with the “baked-on” ColorPlus Technology, you’ll enjoy dynamic color and a beautiful, durable exterior.

Engineered for the Climate

Siding products from James Hardie are Engineered for Climate® — in other words, they are custom-designed for Colorado Springs’ unique weather conditions. Other siding products may not measure up to changing climate conditions, and they may edge and swell. James Hardie, on the other hand, withstands storms, wind, extreme temperatures and even hail, reducing costly and time-consuming maintenance.

Resistant to Water Damage

Siding from James Hardie also is manufactured to resist issues related to water damage, including cracking, swelling and mold, which reduces the need for expensive repairs and upkeep. Other siding products can be sensitive to expansion and swelling due to the absorption of moisture.

Keeps Pests and Animals at Bay

Animals are a critical part of nature’s ecosystem, but they can wreak havoc on homes. Some siding varieties are especially vulnerable to animals and pests; for instance, cedar siding can be eaten by insects or pecked by birds since it is made of wood. Fiber-cement siding from James Hardie, on the other hand, provides no nourishment for termites and little allure for other types of animals. With James Hardie, you get unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

Resistant to Fire

Fiber-cement siding from James Hardie resists fire and is endorsed by firefighting professionals across the country. In the face of flames, OSB siding eventually will become ash. The sun, reflecting off new Low-E windows, can melt vinyl siding — and fire can melt it as well. By selecting siding from James Hardie, you can be confident that your most significant asset remains protected.

Excellence in Siding With James Hardie

James Hardie siding is highly durable and resists anything nature has up its sleeve. We’ve replaced the siding on many homes with James Hardie products, and our customers have only positive feedback about the brand.

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