Your siding protects your house from wind, water, and other harm, and it can also add to or detract from the curb appeal, depending on the color and what kind of shape it’s in. You may not think about your siding that much, but it’s important that you maintain it and have it replaced when necessary. That can help ensure that your home stays in good shape and sealed up against the elements. So, how do you know when it’s time for replacement siding for your Denver home?

Here are some specific things to consider:

Warping or Rotting Areas

As your siding ages it may start to warp, rot, or even crack. A few small cracks or one little area of warping can be repaired. If you find a rotted area that’s not very large, that can also usually be fixed. However, when you start noticing more than just a couple of isolated spots where there are problems, that can be a good indication that it’s time to replace your siding.

Extensive damage isn’t really something you can repair, so replacement becomes your only realistic option.

Holes Through Your Siding

If you notice that there are some small holes in your siding, you’ll want to get them fixed. Finding a lot of holes can mean that you need to replace your siding, since holes are places where water can get in and cause damage to the house’s structure. These holes can also be caused by insects, so it’s important to see if there has been any damage to the walls studs or other structural elements of your house. Then you can have the siding replaced to prevent future damage.

A Faded, Outdated, or Tired Look

Sometimes, houses just start to look tired. The stains on the siding don’t come off with a pressure washer anymore, and the color has changed or become mottled looking. Those are prime indications that it’s time for some new siding. While siding that’s good quality can last for many years, it will eventually show its age and start to look worn out. To refresh the look of your house and keep it protected, replacing the siding can be a great idea. Then your house will continue to look great and be a safe place to live for years to come.

When you’re ready to have your siding replaced, or you want to explore your options for new siding, contact Home Design Exteriors to find out about the materials, colors, and styles of siding that are offered through a professional siding contractor today. Professional siding installation solutions are available to help your home look great.